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5 Magic Movie Moments that Fairy Wishes Brings to Life

Posted: 21 September 2016

Every little girl remembers those moments in the movie when the princess gets the man or becomes the hero. They watch it and re-watch it and then imagine themselves as that princess. They relive their favourite moments from those movies because of how magical and wonderful they are. Fairy Wishes can bring some of those moments to your children’s party.

5. Ariel is saved by Prince Eric

When this little mermaid who has a beautiful singing voice is unable to speak with her prince, it’s frustrating and hopeless. Time almost runs out for her before her prince recognizes his true love and saves Ariel from her fate. That moment of love overcoming all is a moment that Fairy Wishes can bring to life.

4. Jasmine chooses to marry Aladdin

Even though Aladdin was proven to be not a real prince, she chooses him anyway, defying the law of the land to do so. It was one of the first movie princess moments when the princess makes a strong, bold choice. Even if it was against her father’s original wishes, she’s fallen in love, and nothing can conquer that.

3. Snow White is awoken by the Prince

The life of Snow White is sad and hard, so when she falls under the spell of the witch, it seems like all hope for her is lost. When her prince, however, finds her asleep and gives her the kiss that wakes her up, it’s a magical moment that any girl would love to re-create. That hope that springs from that kiss is a moment to remember. Our entertainers will dress up and recreate this moment at your party.

2. Dorothy Wishes her way Back Home

The Wizard of Oz is a masterpiece, but when Dorothy realizes that she has the key to get back home at any time, she’s able to click those remarkable shoes and realize that there’s “no place like home”.

1. Cinderella Is Chosen as the Princess

The moment that the handsome prince recognizes Cinderella as his missing princess is a spine-tingling moment for many young girls. Whether you watch the live-action movie or remember the original Disney animated feature, this moment of the glass slipper fitted to Cinderella’s feet is a moment to treasure.

It’s fitting that these moments live on through the eyes of our children. Let their imagination run wild with a dress-up entertainer from Fairy Wishes who can recreate these moments as the real princess they dreamed about becoming. Contact us today to find out the huge range of characters we can bring to life for your children’s party or festival.

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